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Did you get a new camera for Christmas, you know how to make good photographs, but you don’t know a f/stop from a bus stop? The Valley Photo Center is offering a Beginner Photography Course on Saturday, 1-5 PM, January 28, 2022 at the gallery that will help you understand how your camera works and help you make better photographs.

The course is free for VPC members and full time students. The course is only $9.95 for non members. Register Here

Objectives for the program are:

• How cameras control exposure with the aperture (Aperture Preferred Mode)

• What are f/stops?

• What is depth of field and how f/stops control it

• How the shutter speed controls exposure (Shutter Preferred Mode)

• How the shutter speed can stop or show motion. 

• How aperture, shutter, and ISO work together to control exposure (Program Mode) 

• How to use different or zoom lenses

• How the focal length of the lens can control perspective.

• Exposure Metering

• Exposure Compensation

• Basic composition rules

• How to catalog your photographs

Bring your camera and questions.